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Re-IP the Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) On-Prem/Cloud Appliance

Hello All,

After a long time i am writing this blog as i was so much busy in new challenges in life/work and didnt got the time to write something new. Anyways i am sharing a recent Scenario which i like to share . May be many guys know it but i thought to document and share it.HCX LOGOScenario : We had a new deployment of HCX on-prem via automation completed and somehow its got the ip already assigned to another host in the Onprem environment, and its start conflcting .  Worst thing happened that License for Activation the appliance … Read The Rest ......

A New Era for Enterprise Public Clouds : By VMware Blogs


Bi-directional, zero-downtime cloud migration with SD-WAN, Hybrid DMZ, support for identity federation and VMware Cloud Foundation integration in vCloud Air enable enterprises to accelerate public cloud integration.

Public cloud computing is helping fuel the digital transformation. But IT leaders still face the challenge of bridging the gap between current state and future state. How do you modernize your existing IT investments to make them more relevant in the cloud era? Can you do so without requiring a forklift upgrade?

vCloud Air has focused on addressing these very issues, delivering agile infrastructure and IT services at scale, in the public cloud. … Read The Rest ......