Basic esxcli Commands For vSAN Troubleshooting

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There are some very basic commands which are really useful in troubleshoting.

Use below esxcli commands to obtain information about Virtual SAN and to troubleshoot your Virtual SAN environment.



esxcli vsan network list

Verify which VMkernel adapters are used for Virtual SAN communication.

esxcli vsan storage list

List storage disks that were claimed by Virtual SAN.

esxcli vsan cluster get

Get Virtual SAN cluster information.

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5 Productivity Tools : Every Techie must have


Hello All,

As we all know we need productivity in our Work and for more better productivity you use some kind of tools. The basic & default  tools which come embedded with Windows/MAc are not so smart to help us in saving our time. So here are the tools which I keep using in my daily worklife to enhance my productivity and I am sure you are gonna love it.


                  “For being perfect in your work you need perfect tools , & I got mine”

1.Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager

My most favorite tool from last 6 years when I started … Read The Rest ......

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