vSphere Hardening – G3 : Mask and zone SAN resources appropriately

Guideline ID : ESXi.mask-zone-san

Vulnerability Discussion : You should use zoning and LUN masking to segregate SAN activity. For example, you manage zones defined for testing independently within the SAN so they do not interfere with activity in the production zones. Similarly, you can set up different zones for different departments. Zoning must take into account any host groups that have been set up on the SAN device.

Risk Profile : 1, 2, 3

Description : Mask and zone SAN resources appropriately.

Zoning provides access control in the SAN topology. Zoning defines which HBAs can connect to which targets. When … Read The Rest ......

VxRail – Ready to Rule the Hyper Converged Market

Recently VMware  & EMC  introduced a awesome piece of hardware for hyper converged infrastructure.Thought to share something about this innovation

imageKey features :

  • Extends your standard.  If you’re using VMware, and you’re a small/medium business, a small/medium enterprise (remember 3000+ VMs can run many a datacenter!) or a large enterprise with edge/ROBO locations
  • Is ridiculously simple.
  • Starts really small ($60K list).
  • Scales really big (64 nodes!).
  • Scales and does all “day 2” operations with the click of a button.
  • Performs better than any other HCIA on the market.
  • Rocks and rolls in all-flash configurations, and man, in 2016 – why
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VMware Licenses : Track your Licenses & Info.

Hello All,

I find out a way to track the Licenses lifetime Type, Assigned, license no.Uses & many more details..

URL : https://www.vmware.com/support/serialNumberTrack.portal

Required  :  Your “My.Vmware” User id and Password.

When you will click the above URL you will find the window to paste your existing license.


After Clicking on Track button. you will find the below screen.


Select the License key and it will lead to the detailed info screen.


Here is all the details you can get about your licenses.

Now search for your licenses and get them verified .