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After a long time i am writing this blog as i was so much busy in new challenges in life/work and didnt got the time to write something new. Anyways i am sharing a recent Scenario which i like to share . May be many guys know it but i thought to document and share it.HCX LOGOScenario : We had a new deployment of HCX on-prem via automation completed and somehow its got the ip already assigned to another host in the Onprem environment, and its start conflcting .  Worst thing happened that License for Activation the appliance also got consumed. So we need to re-ip the HCX On-prem as we were not having any spare licenses.


I consulted so many links/blogs over the internet but cant find the sconfig file as HCX having a customized flavor  .

Solution :  To re ip you just need to modify the config file  wired.network which reside under “/etc/systemd/network” directory with the New ip you want to assign to the HCX Appliance. 

This method can be followed in both HCX On-Prem/Cloud appliances.


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