Guideline ID : ESXi.enable-host-profiles

Vulnerability Discussion : Monitoring for configuration drift and unauthorized changes is critical to ensuring the security of an ESXi host. Host Profiles provide an automated method for monitoring host configurations against an established template and for providing notification if deviations are detected.

Risk Profile : 1, 2, 3

Description : Configure Host Profiles to monitor and alert on configuration changes

Create Host profile 

  1. Log in to the Webclient of your vCenter server and click on host profile .
  2. click on the + Sign to create new host profile andit will pop up an wizard
  3. Select the preconfigured host from which you want to apply all the configuration on other host in your vCenter . click Next
  4. Provide a Host Profile Name.
  5. and click on finish. It will take few minutes to create the host profile .

  6. Apply a Host Profile to an entity attached to the Host Profile

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    7. Check the Host Profile’s compliance to an entity attached to the Host Profile

    By this way you can put your configuration with the compliance and uniform.

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