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While i was preparing for my vSphere Design Exam i found this interesting topic and most important to use in Every Well designed infrastructure for security and hardening of the environment. Hardening vSphere as per customer requirement is comes with may challenges like below.

  1. Understand the customer exactly what he is looking for.
  2. Also Contained a mix of
    • Operational Guidance – How you use the product in your environment
    • Programmatic Guidance – What settings should be applied OR audited

Operational guidelines

  • They can be addressed or mitigated in many ways
  • They are generally left open to interpretation
  • In order to implement them they may require cross-functional support across an enterprise
  • They are usually not something that can be automatically tested and verified. Instead, they rely on an individual signing off that they are done correctly

Programmatic Guidance

  •         Setting up the value to “True” or “False” as per the operational Requirements.

Basically, it was NOT easy to implement. And if security is too difficult to implement, people will either not do it or will do it poorly.

We will go more deep in to it following with Risk profiles, Security settings  in my next blog of this blog series.  Happy Reading….

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