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Recently i deployed the vSphere update manager in my lab to test some of the functionality . After testing is done i wanted to remove the plugin from vcsa but disabling it doesnt work as my vCenter keep searching and querying the update manager server. So i thought to remove it. As may be most of the people know how to remove it  but i thought to share it with the people in more details. There is an VMWare KB is also there to do so. so lets start.

In a web browser, navigate to http://vCenter_Server_name_or_IP/mob.

  1. Where vCenter_Server_name_or_IP/mob is the name of your vCenter Server or its IP address.
  2. Click Content >>ExtensionManager
  3. Select and copy the name of the plug-in you want to remove from the list of values under Properties. For a list of default plug-ins, See Below.
  4. Click UnregisterExtension. A new window appears. Paste the key of the plug-in and click Invoke Method. This removes the plug-in and results in void
  5. Refresh the Managed Object Type:ManagedObjectReference:ExtensionManager window to verify that the plug-in is removed successfully.
    Extension Name Service Description
    com.vmware.vim.eam vSphere ESX Agent Manager
    com.vmware.vim.inventoryservice vCenter Inventory Service
    com.vmware.vim.ls Licensing Services
    com.vmware.vim.sms VMware vCenter Storage Monitoring Service
    com.vmware.vim.sps VMware vSphere Profile-drive Storage Service
    com.vmware.vim.stats.report Performance charts built-in extension
    com.vmware.vim.stats.vsm Service Manager
    cim-ui vCenter Hardware Status
    health-ui vCenter Service Status
    hostdiag Internal extension to declare diagnostic events from VMware Host systems
    VirtualCenter VirtualCenter dynamic events and tasks
    com.vmware.orchestrator VMware vRealize Orchestrator plugin (formerly known as VMware vCenter Orchestrator plug-in)
    com.vmware.rbd Auto Deploy
    com.vmware.syslog VMware Syslog Collector Configuration
    com.vmware.vcDr VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Extension
    com.vmware.vcHms vSphere Replication Management (VRM)
    com.vmware.vcIntegrity VMware vSphere Update Manager Extension
    com.vmware.vShieldManager vShield Manager
    vCloud Director-1 vCloud Director
    com.vmware.vcops vRealize Operations Manager (formerly known as vCenter Operations Manager)
    com.vmware.vadm VMware vRealize Infrastructure Navigator (formerly known as vCenterInfrastructure Navigator)
    com.vmware.vdp vSphere Data Protection 5.1
    vSphere Data Protection 5.5/5.8
    com.vmware.vsan.health vSAN Health Check Plug-in
    com.vmware.heartbeattasks vCenter Server Heartbeat
    com.vmware.hbwc vCenter Server Heartbeat
    com.vmware.heartbeat vCenter Server Heartbeat
    com.neverfail.heartbeat vCenter Server Heartbeat

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