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How to Fix : VXLAN VMKNic Out Of Sync

NSX Manager detects the entities modified or deleted directly on the vCenter Server for NSX managed object like VXLAN VMKNic, from vCenter Server. System events are raised whenever a delete of an entity happens outside of NSX. When the VMKNic is deleted on the host, but the VMKNic information is still available in NSX, then NSX Manager indicates the deleted VMKNic with an Error icon.

  1. In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to Networking & Security > Installation > Logical Network Preparation.
  2. On the VXLAN Transport tab, expand the Cluster and Hosts.

  3. Click the Error icon to view with information of the VMKNic which is deleted on the host.
  4. Click the Resolve All button to recreate the deleted VMKNic on the host.

After followiThe deleted VMKNic is recreated on the host.

NOTE: This tip also can be followed when sometimes vmk not gets created automatically in newly added host. That can fix the issue too.

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