Bi-directional, zero-downtime cloud migration with SD-WAN, Hybrid DMZ, support for identity federation and VMware Cloud Foundation integration in vCloud Air enable enterprises to accelerate public cloud integration.

Public cloud computing is helping fuel the digital transformation. But IT leaders still face the challenge of bridging the gap between current state and future state. How do you modernize your existing IT investments to make them more relevant in the cloud era? Can you do so without requiring a forklift upgrade?

vCloud Air has focused on addressing these very issues, delivering agile infrastructure and IT services at scale, in the public cloud. Leveraging industry leading services like Advanced Networking Services, Hybrid Cloud Manager and Disaster Recovery, we have been bridging the physical gap between on-premises environments and the cloud and ensuring that the cloud environment can meet or exceed architectural, security and performance requirements of a customer’s own data center. As a result, customers are leveraging vCloud Air for data center extension, replacement and disaster recovery use cases.

Today, we are announcing exciting new capabilities that make it even easier for our enterprise customers to leverage vCloud Air as a seamless, compatible extension of their IT strategy.

  • Hybrid Cloud Manager now enables seamless, secure, bi-directional application portability between the enterprise data center and public cloud
  • Hybrid DMZ enables enterprises to extend their on-premises security, control and architecture into the public cloud
  • Identity Federation support enables enterprises to control public cloud access by federating with their corporate identity solutions

We are also announcing integration with the newly announced VMware Cloud Foundation platform, enabling our customers to access rich SDDC capabilities directly and instantly from vCloud Air.

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