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This is my next blog in series of vRealize Log Insight. In my last blog I shared the way to use the Content pack in to your vRealize Log Insight Portal To Read the blog Click Here. Today we will  learn how to integrate your vSphere with your vRealize Log Insight .



1. Login to your vRealize Log Insight Portal . Click the configuration drop-down menu icon on the top right  and select Administration.


2. Under Integration, click vSphere . Locate the vCenter Server instance from which you want to collect data, and select the Collect vCenter Server events, tasks, and alarms check box.Input the user account(Prefer service account) used for the vCenter Authentication.


4. Click Save.

vRealize Log Insight connects to the vCenter Server every two minutes and ingests all new information since the last successful poll.

5. Now Click on the Dashboards  on the top and select vSphere from the Dropdown and it will start showing the data of your vCenter , Esxi hosts and other components of your environment.


So this is quite easy and hope you liked it too. Keep watching this space for the more to go. Happy Reading.

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