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This is my next Blog in to the vRealize Solutions series. We will understand what is the Content pack and how we can manage them. vRealize manage and  Analyze terabytes of logs, perform smart parsing to discover structure in unstructured data, and enable interactive, real-time search and analytics through a GUI-based, easy to use interface. Content Pack are the utilities to integrate the different component with Log Insight (i.e  vSphere, vRops, vSan etc..)


You can integrate content pack via 2 way.

Source1 : Download : https://solutionexchange.vmware.com/store/loginsight and import it in to your vRealize Log Insight


Source2: Download directly to your vRealize from internet if you have internet connectivity in to it.


Select the Desired Content pack as per your requirement and add it in to your vRealize Log Insight. It will start showing you in the left pane under installed content pack . In our next blogWe will learn how to integrate and start getting the logs in your vRealize Log Insight .

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