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Embedded host Client for vSphere Esxi host 6.0

Hello All,

Today I am writing this blog to tailor some information about Esxi host which we always use to manage by vSphere Client 6.0 . As Vmware is moving forward to get rid of thick client and moving to Web client now. So here I am share the way to manage you Esxi host via vSphere web client .Note: you don’t need to install any extra flings/app to manage the host. its pre embedded in to you vSphere 6 Version.

First & last All you need to URL to login to the ESXI UI . So here is the URL  : https://<FQDN or IP of host>/ui . 

so lets login to the VMware Embedded Host Client (EHC).

Login page


So what can you do from here. Lets Explore.
1. Esxi Version
2. Resource Configuraiton (CPU, Memory, Flash Etc.)
3. Datastore Atttached to host.
4. Recent Tasks on the Host.
Also what is the Image profile and HA Status. which is really a vital Sign for the host.

So hope you got a easy way to manage your vSphere 6 host in case you required… Hope you all will like it…Thanks for reading.


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