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Today I am starting a new series for Virtual SAN.a.k.a Virtual Storage Area Network . Well before starting to review, understand I always try to follow the 5 Why method (What, Where, When, Who,How) to understand things better..Lets start…

VSAN History

1. What is Virtual SAN.

VMware Virtual SAN is a radically simple, enterprise-class shared storage solution for hyper-converged infrastructure optimized for today’s all-flash performance.Uniquely embedded in the hypervisor, Virtual SAN delivers raically simple, flash-optimized, high-performance storage for hyper-converged infrastructure.

2. What Virtual SAN Delivers

Radically Simple Storage > Make your job easier by simplifying storage provisioning and management for vSphere. Deploy storage with just a few mouse clicks from the vSphere Web Client and enjoy native integration with the VMware stack. Virtual machine-centric storage policies automate storage services levels on a per-VM basis. – See more at:

Advanced Availability and Management

Customers of all industries and sizes trust Virtual SAN to run their business-critical workloads, from key business applications to thousands of virtual desktops. Virtual SAN ensures that data is never lost if a disk, host, network or rack fails and can even tolerate entire site failures with synchronous replication and stretched clusters.

50% Lower TCO

Deploy on inexpensive industry-standard server components to remove large, upfront investments. Eliminate siloed, purpose-built hardware and automate management of storage service levels through VM-centric policies. Further improve TCO with storage efficiency features like deduplication and enhanced automation capabilities.

Linearly Scalable Storage

Virtual SAN delivers predictable, elastic and non-disruptive scaling of storage and compute resources, eliminating costly forklift upgrades. Every Virtual SAN cluster can scale out one node at a time or scale up by adding capacity to existing hosts and is capable of achieving over 8 PB of raw storage capacity.

3. Who Can use it.

vSphere Administrator After all they are the one who are running whole environment so smartly. Works great for vSphere administrators that can manage both the vSphere environment and the storage environment for their virtual machines from the same UI, or even to IT administrators that wear multiple hats. The workflows are very intuitive, which means that Virtual SAN can be also easily managed by storage administrators that would like to keep control of all storage resources in their environment.

4. How can we deploy it. Requirements Etc

Well when we wants to deploy anything we want the requirement details and other info to support our infrastructure. Well the requirement is really not hefty list.

  • Minimum of 3 ESXi 6.0 host that contribute storage
  • At least one SSD and one Hard Disk per host
  • Hosts need I/O controller supporting Pass Through or RAID 0
  • VMkernel port configured for VSAN traffic
  • 1 GB network for small test/lab environment (VMware recommends 10GB)

For more you Can refer Design and Sizing Guide for VSAN. virtual-san-6.2-design-and-sizing-guide.pdf 

5. Where We can use.

As this is enterprise ready Solution. So it can be use in almost every kind of business need.

  • Production
  • Remote Offices / Branch Offices
  • Development Platform
  • Test Environment
  • DMZ Environment

So here is the brief intro to understand the questions comes in every mind which I tried to answer. Will come up with some more info on VSAN. Keep reading….

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