Hello all,

Today when I logged in one of  the ESXi  host remotely and found strange screen color on it. it was like early 70’s movie  Black & White. (Screenshot below.)



Anyways I was curious and then I found this one another feature of the Esxi host.

Sometimes in case default colors may be difficult to see then you can change the display of the DCUI to display in a monochrome scheme. To do this press F4 at the main DCUI screen. You won’t be able to change to monochrome if you’ve already pressed F2 to enter the System Customization page. To remove the change, just get back to the main DCUI screen and press F4 again.”

As this was something which I thought to share with you all guys “in case you hit the F4 unknowingly and worried about how to get it in to original colors again “

Happy Reading.

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