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Part 2- Setup the Serengeti Server to Manage Big Data Extension Cluster

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This is my Second Blog in the series of Big Data Extension.  We will learn how to Connect With Serengeti Server A.k.a Management Server to manage the Big Data Extension Cluster.

serengeti server

What is Serengeti Server

Serengeti Management Server lets you manage and monitor Hadoop and HBase distributions deployed within the server instance.It’s a single pane to manage multiple Big Data cluster in your Environment

You can deploy multiple instances of the Serengeti Management Server in your environment, however, you can only connect the Big Data Extensions plug-in with one Serengeti Management Server instance at a time. You can change which Serengeti Management Server instance the plug-in connects to using this procedure, and use the Big Data Extensions plug-in interface to manage and monitor multiple Hadoop and HBase distributions deployed in your environment.

1 Log in to the vSphere Web Client & Select Big Data Extensions.


2.  To to the  the Getting stated Tab & Click on “Connect To Serengeti Server


3  The Connect to Serengeti Server dialog box displays. Point your Management server under BDE Appliance & Click on Test Connection


4  The Big Data Extensions plug-in communicates using SSL with the Serengeti Management Server. When you connect to a Serengeti server instance, the plug-in verifies that the SSL certificate in use by the server is correctly installed, valid, and trusted. You will get connection Succesfull Dialogue . Click on Ok.2016-07-03_17-41-31-0002

5. Now you can verify the Connection on the Summary Page


Now you are Able to manage the all of your Big Data Clusters from a single pane of Console.

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