Recently VMware  & EMC  introduced a awesome piece of hardware for hyper converged infrastructure.Thought to share something about this innovation

imageKey features :

    • Extends your standard.  If you’re using VMware, and you’re a small/medium business, a small/medium enterprise (remember 3000+ VMs can run many a datacenter!) or a large enterprise with edge/ROBO locations
    • Is ridiculously simple.
    • Starts really small ($60K list).
    • Scales really big (64 nodes!).
    • Scales and does all “day 2” operations with the click of a button.
    • Performs better than any other HCIA on the market.
    • Rocks and rolls in all-flash configurations, and man, in 2016 – why not go all-flash?
    • Has rich data reduction services (dedupe, compression)
    • Has efficient erasure coding that saves you money, and doesn’t have all sorts of caveats.
    • Has unique abilities to leverage cloud object storage, add local NAS
    • Can extend your standards from edge to your core:
      • For Support/consumption/health integration with VCE Vision (just like VxRack and Vblock) – an area we will keep doubling down on.
      • For disaster recovery (with enterprise-class replication capabilities like consistency groups, sync/async/continuous RPOs, VM-level protection, single click integration with your STANDARD management UI (vSphere web client).
      • For backup – leveraging your existing standards, and not forcing new backup investments.  If you have Data Domain, it just snaps right in.

Nailing the 4 P’s

1. Pricing – starting at $60K list. This is particularly important in a market which is all about “starting small, and scaling up”.

2. Product – modern hyper-converged offers need all flash.  They need dedupe.  They need compression.  They need real erasure coding.  They need flexible configurations.  They need rich local and remote replication.   They need cloud object storage integration and local NAS support.  They need to make “day 2” operations single-click simple.

3. Positioning – anyone who says that one converged or hyper-converged offer can cover every use case is (IMO) as high as a kite, or suffering from “single product delusion”.   Reality?   Some customers can get away with one product for all workloads and scales (for them).   Most need more.  Most need:

a. Vblock to cover the enterprise datacenter with the most traditional workloads.

b. VxRack to cover the enterprise datacenter when a customer wants to scale BIG, and “don’t worry about the network” is tantamount to planning for failure.

c. VxRail, which is built to start small, and scale.

d. VxRail, which is ideal for SMB, SME – heck with 64 nodes in 16 appliances – it can run 3000+ VMs and could run many enterprises.

e. VxRail, which is unbelievable at the enterprise edge – where extending their standards from the datacenter, integrated management, simple workload mobility – is powerful.

4. Packaging – people who understand technology and innovation as ultimately powering business understand this is important.

a. Only VxRail has been developed by VMware and EMC operating with a single product team – for this release, for the Q2 update, for what we have in Q3, and for everything afterwards.

b. Only VxRail is a hyper-converged appliance with a single support model for everything inclusive of the VMware software.  VSAN-ready nodes can of course have a single support stack for VSAN and the hardware it runs on, but a hyper-converged appliance is more than hardware + an SDS stack.

c. Only VxRail has integration with VxRack and Vblock to deliver a full enterprise solution for all workloads, all leveraging VCE Vision, and the ability to replicate and protect from the enterprise edge to the datacenter, and for all workloads.   And what we’re delivering in Q1 only will get stronger.

“Every need comes up with having its own specification, so we too..”

  Hybrid Models


  All-flash models


VxRail Appliance Customer Benefits

  • Turnkey – the most fully integrated, preconfigured, and tested hyper-converged infrastructure appliance for VMware HCS that seamlessly integrates with existing VMware eco-system management solutions for streamlined deployment and management in VMware environments
  • Flexible Pricing Configurations – multiple configurations allow flexibility to buy just what you need – from low entry to workload consolidation to all-flash performance
  • Scalable – starts small and scales on-demand – from 40 VMs to over 3,000 VMs
  • Feature Rich – includes a full suite of industry-leading data services from EMC and VMware, including compression, deduplication, replication, backup, and cloud tiering
  • Simplified Support – provides end-to-end, one-call support with a single point of accountability for all hardware and software

Source :  VMware, EMC And VxRail Working Together For Our Customers
               VxRail – An Incredible Product at an Incredible Time 

Thanks For reading . After reading this I am sure you are Willing to see it in production soon. Same Here. Good Luck !!

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