The Platform Services Controller (PSC) includes common services that are used across the suite.

The PSC and vCenter servers can be mixed and matched, meaning you can deploy Appliance PSC’s along with Windows PSC’s with Windows and Appliance based vCenter Servers. Any combination uses the PSC’s built in replication.


  • These include SSO, Licensing and the VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA)
  • The PSC is the first piece that is either installed or upgraded. When upgrading a SSO instance becomes a PSC.
  • There are two models of deployment, embedded and centralized.
    • Embedded means the PSC and vCenter Server are installed on a single virtual machine. – Embedded is recommended for sites with a single SSO solution such as a single vCenter.
    • Centralized means the PSC and vCenter Server are installed on different virtual machines. – Centralized is recommended for sites with two or more SSO solutions such as multiple vCenter Servers, vRealize Automation, etc.  When deploying in the centralized model it is recommended to make the PSC highly available as to not have a single point of failure, in addition to utilizing vSphere HA a load balancer can be placed in front of two or more PSC’s to create a highly available PSC architecture.

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