vMotion Dowtime Revealed : SexiLog

Hello All,

I was thinking from so many days that how can we measure the downtime or quiesced state timing when vmotion ocurrs. i know its not really a considerable point but curiosity is what something allows us to brake the thinking beyond the barriers. Today when i was exploring the new tool by SexiLog i seen the solution of my curiosity. Lets see how can we see the vMotion Downtime during vmotion process.

I am attaching a simple screen capture of my tools which reveals that including the vmotion process rate too.


vMotion Downtime

Blue bar Legend indicate the  time taken during a vmotion was 500ms to 1Second,  Orange take more then 1 S-1.5 Second. which was never revealed before and now its appeared .

Thanks to SexiLog for inventing and Sharing this wonderful tool. Download it from : http://www.sexilog.fr/

Thanks For Reading.

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