Troubleshooting : maintenance mode process get stuck at 2%

Hello All,

Today i faced a weird issue while doing some maintenance task in my production environment . I want to push and host in to the maintenance mode but it was sticking at 2% each time.


Maintenance Mode Issue

I started troubleshooting the issue. Everything was fine and all the hosts are only 10% occupied so no resource constraints there.Then i found the fix. Well start the troubleshooting from the Step by step.

  1. You don’t have DRS licensed (only included in Enterprise and Enterprise Plus)
  2. DRS is set to manual
  3. You have DRS, but the VM’s have local resources connected (e.g. the CD-ROM drive, …)
  4. You have DRS, but there are not hosts available due to any configured Affinity/Anti-Affinity rules
  5. No available resources on other hosts

After trying all these this issue was not fixed. Well it was something which i never thought will impact and raise the issue.

i found out the reason is High Availability (HA) strict admission control was enabled. But this was really amazed me as this control the vm if resource demand are higher then the available. But i was having more than enough resources.


  1. Right-click the cluster and click Edit Settings.
  2. Under Cluster Features, select VSphere HA.
  3. Under Admission Control, select Disable: Allow VM Power on operations that violate availability constraints.
  4. Click OK.


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