Migrate VMS from vCloud to vCenter

The migration from vcenter to vcloud is quite easy and documented in many websites and blogs. I was searching for vCloud to vCenter migration of vms and unluckily I didn’t find it anywhere. After scratching my head and did some research I got a easy solution, which I am sharing with all of you.Let’s Understand the concept of working.

Every VM which is created or moved to vcloud is associated with the cloud is assigned with a vcloud UUID. Which communicate with the cloud instead talking to all of the vms vcloud only sees the vms which are known to it with vcloud specific uuid.

Let’s do it :

Step 1: Go to the Datastore where vm resides. And download the .vmx file of that particular vm which you want to move to your vcenter.

Step 2. Download Notepad++ or Editpad to open the vmx file in text editor.

Step 3. Search “cloud.uuid=” in that file and remove that complete line .


Step 4.Search “DisplayName =” in the file and rename it to identify more proper.


Step 5. Save the file and replace it in the same VM Folder in the datastore.

Step 6. Right click on it and select “Add to the inventory” now and give the name and other details to complete the wizard

Step 6. To verify the settings are correct, now go to vcloud and power on the vm for which vmx file you just modified. It will not start and error will be “cannot start”.

Step 7. Stop the vApp and Delete it from the mycloud now.

And you are done. These easy steps will make sure that your vm is safely in the old mention now .

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