Today one of my friend asked me the process to find the network drivers status and update them accordingly. As the Network is always a most critical component of any device. And when its comes to Esxi host meant more coz its cost a lot of the vms behind too.


Personally I am a great fan of the vmware update manager but here we are doing it through the SSH.

SSH into the respective host

Run the following command to list all the network interfaces.

esxcfg-nics –l


Run the following commands to get currently installed network drivers and firmware versions.

ethtool –I vmnic0

ethtool –i vmnic3


Run the following command to get VID,DID and SVID of the nics.

vmkchdev -l | grep “vmnic”


Go to VMware Compatibility Guide and select I/O devices in what you are looking for. Enter VID, DID and SVID to get all the driver versions for the nic.

Unzip the file and extract the VIB file. Copy the file to /var/log/vmware/ on the host and run the following command.

esxcli software vib update –v {VIBFILE}

This will update your Nic cards driver to the latest version. Thanks for reading.

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