Fix : Google Chrome breaks the vSphere Web Client Integration Plugin

Recently I was noticing that so many times the Chrome stop supporting all the functions for Webclient Integration plugins. Especially in Chrome update 42 & 43. I researched out and fixed via some tweaks . Hope it will help you out too to fix your issue if you are in love with Chrome browser and never think about other browsers to use your vsphere tools.


Lets start with The Fix

Google Chrome Update 42

Issue : NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) support removed from the Chrome .

Fix : Google has provided an override to enable NPAPI support. Simply enter the following in your browser:


Then click Enable. And Relaunch the Browser.


Google Chrome Update 43
Issue :  Chrome 43 will display the beloved “Aw, Snap!” when launching the vSphere Web Client Integration Plugin.
Fix : Need to modify one of Chrome’s flags. Instead of enabling NPAPI like we did in Chrome 42 Error. we now need to disable the win32k renderer lockdown.

Enter the following in your address bar


Disable the feature And Relaunch the Browser.


These tweaks fixed my issue. hope you get your fix too. Thanks for getting it fix

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