Difference between Heartbeat Datastore and Normal Datastore

Hello All,

Today I was thinking why 2 data store is used by the Hearbeating for the HA wherever FDM roles follow. Then I tried to find out the difference between both of them. I did some observation and find some interesting thing which I should say you must know about it. So lets start..


First of all how you will find out the datastore participating in heartbeating for HA. Quite easy but would like to share it again. you can just go to HA enabled cluster>Cluster status.


Now find the datastore which are selected in the list and browse it. What I find the list of the powered on Vms list on the entire cluster. it’s the same in both the datastore which is used in case of failure of network or some other kind of situation.



Now Go and search for the other datastore which are the part of the Cluster but not a heartbeat datastore.


Normal Datastore is having the list of the protected vms inside the cluster not the status of the virtual machines (Poweron /Off). so in case the failure happen it considered the vms from here which need to be restart on the other remaining host in the cluster.


So over all the both datastore contains the information but differently. So now you can understand what should be the role of the the hearbeat datastore which are not as same as normal datastore.

Hope you will find this info useful.

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