Hi All,

I was thinking to upload something really interesting and useful to everyone from last some days..
And today i came up with something which is really meant for the people who want to crack the interviews or want to enhance there knowledge so they can use it to troubleshoot there operations..

I collected some of the .htm files which have the step by step troubleshooting steps from Vmware Knowledge base. Just try it once, and i am sure you will gonna love it..;)

Common Licensing issues in VMware Infrastructure

Common Fault issues in VMware Infrastructure

Common system management issues in VMware Infrastructure
(Note : Please Save these files in your local system to use it frequently.. )

This is some of my collection to face the realtime scenario issues/problems.hope it will help you..Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Interview Cracker Question : Vmware vSphere ..

  1. Nitin Kumar

    Please share some good interview Q&A for VCP 5.X and also some good sites for Windows/VMware job in India. Really appreciate your help.


  2. mahendar

    how many maximum no of snapshots for single virtual machine

    1. Anjani.kumar Post author

      By default its 32 . but you can modify it via going to the vms configuration parameter in options tab. and add row and modify value of “snapshot.maxSnapshots = ” x””.

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