Hi Guys,

Today i want to share a really intresting feature introduced in Vmware vsphere5.1 Version. Lets dig it out..

In vSphere 5.1, there is now an additional VMX file that ends with an ~ (tilde) found within the virtual machine’s configuration directory for powered on machine.

This extra .VMX file is edit file. edit file is a copy of the original VMX file and when changes are required, they are applied to the edit file first. Once the changes are complete, the edit file is then atomically swapped with the original VMX file which helps prevent potential VMX file corruption. In the worst case event where the original VMX file is somehow corrupted, the virtual machine can be restored using the edit file.
This is another reason why you should not be manually editing a virtual machine’s VMX file, especially when it is still powered on. 
Hope you all find it intersting like i find it.. 
Thanks for reading…

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