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I know you are lil bit confused why I written down all those name started from Latter “V”. Well Today I m going to differenciate all those things  so you will not confused next time, As I do when I started working with VMware… Hope this will be a interesting topic for you….So read Carefully….
1.     Vsphere 5.0 : This is a complete package of Vmware Hypervisor ESXi (OS) + vSphere Client(Management Point)..
    And other things you can understand better by below scenario….
Scenario : 1 – ESXi Server Ready..But no way to administer it. No Management Point..

Solution :Vmware vSphere Client installed and now it’s ready to manage the ESX server and there VM.

Scenario : 2 – Multiple ESXi Server are ready but how to manage them along for Vmotion, Distributed Power Management (DPM), Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), High Availability (HA) etc..

Solution : VMware vCenter Server installed on a single machine as a Linked point and now we can manage multiple ESXi Server via Vmware vSphere Client …
If you find reading this helpful and cleared your doubts than comment and if still have any doubts den query me. will try out to clear your doubts more clearly…Thanks..

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