Hypervisor & there types.

Hypervisor & There Types

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Today I m telling about “Hypervisor & types of Hypervisor”. Most of the times we get confused in hypervisor and Hyper-v(Microsoft Proprietry) and thinks that both are same. But it becomes easy to understand after reading this article. Hope it will be useful to you..

A hypervisor is a thin virtualization platform that allows multiple operating systems to run on a computer at the same time.
The hypervisor manages the virtual machine’s access to physical resources.
Hypervisor’s are currently classified as two types:
Type -1 : Bare metal Hypervisor  (Ex: VMware ESX Server 4 )
Type -2 : Hosted Hypervisor  (Ex: Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2)
Type -1 
Bare Metal Hyper visor
Bare metal OS Virtualization platforms install the hypervisor directly on to the hardware.
·         VMware ESX
·         Microsoft Hyper-V
·         Citrix Xenserver

Type -2
Hosted Hypervisor
Host-based OS virtualization platforms require the hypervisor to run on the installation of an underlying host operating system like windows Server 2003, Linux or MACOSX.
·         Vmware Server, workstation & Fusion
·         Microsoft Virtual server 2005 R@, Virtual PC
·         Parallels
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